Welcome to the parent page of our math Wikispace. Parents, please consider joining wikispaces and accepting our invitation to join this space so that you can respond to the parent news we'll share here.

April 20: This week we'll only have math two days--Tuesday and Friday due to some class special events. Tuesday we'll be doing our common quarterly assessment, and Friday we'll be sharing our "Math Peep Shows." You can get a sneak peep on our Math Peep Show page.

April 13: Back from spring break, we have 5 iPods to begin sending home. Please note the iPod Pilot link on our main page, and look at the iPod rules on your child's wiki.

March 30:We got rave reviews on our wiki work on the bulletin board, and the kids who were involved in presentations last week were AWESOME! We even got 5 iPods to pilot for our hard work and we'll begin sending them home to be used next week.

March 23: This week we are working to get ready for several presentations. Ty is giving the county Technology Advisory Committee a tour of the school and the technology we use here on Wednesday, March 25. Sebastian, Darren and Sammie are going to the School Board meeting Thursday night to show off our wikis. Maggie, Jed and Noah are creating the proof that "Wikis Crystalize Our Learning" for our Bulletin Board for Literacy Night Thursday night.

March 16: Today our wiki is being shown in a presentation at the ASCD Conference in Orlando, FLA. Ms. Hengen will be on wikimail with us and we will be editing our pages as they are being shown down there.

March 9: This week we are working on fluency in multiplication and division

March 2: Snow days twice, then the rest of the week we worked on averages through a really cool web site about eyeballing geometric relationships. The URL is http://woodgears.ca/eyeball/

February 25: The kids have homework tonight--to play the "In-Between Game" with someone at home. They should have brought home a folder with everything in it they need to play. :-)

February 23: We have begun working on fractions, decimals and percents, and looking at the relationship between them. We have used a clock to make "clock fractions" compared fractions and percents by using the patterns between them, and will soon be putting all three on a number line. An important concept for us to use is "landmark fractions" such as 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4, and landmark decimals such as .5.

We made a "ratio understanding" page for each child and answered an initial question about fractions so we could lassess our understanding. On Friday we will correct our pages to show increased knowledge. (Ms. White will be at a meeting with Mrs. Marcus and Mrs. Missett will be our substitute that day.)

February 9: We have made contact with our mentors: Dionne Hengen and Jaclyn Zapa. The students have made "mentor" pages off of each of their wikis and introduced themselves and asked a few "get to know you questions". Ms. Hengen and Ms Zapa are excited to join us and will be responding soon. Many of the kids also wiki-mailed Ms. Hengen this morning, which thriProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 oxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 ed%2Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 er!

We%2Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 id the countywide benchmark testing and had lots of sickness in our group last week AND made the change in group placements, so did not start a new math topic. Instead, we worked on a strategy game, Nim. Google it and a gazillion versions of it will pop up. Enjoy playing online!

This week we'll be investigating some specific questions with the game. Ask your child to explain the rules and share the questions. (after Feb 10)

Jan 25:
A new year, a new beginning. We commit to keeping this page up. We hope we have an audience. Please consider joining and responding to us if you visit to see what we're doing. :-)

Our "Local Landmark/Measurement" project took an unexpected twist when Ms. White returned to school Jan. 21. We were making our landmark and measurement problem as part of a bigger project ("Putting Math on the Map") that was to be shared at a couple of national conferences, and they were due to the project manager on Jan. 18 according to the web site. When Ms. White wrote the person to ask if we could turn them in late due to her absence, the person wrote back and told her it was LAST year's project! Furthermore, the teacher had left that school and group who had done it, and that school had deleted all of her files, so we couldn't add to her project.

However, she is doing another project this year to present at another conference , so she asked us to add our projects to THAT!

SO, we will first put our problem on our personal wikis, and then she will add them to a Voicethread she is making. Then we can go add our voices to the Voicethread! We wil share the URL when we get it! (We will also be asking for parent permission to publish online!)

Informational piece # 2:
Ms. White has been in contact with two professors from Canada who have college students they want to mentor younger students. We may be blogging and writing on our wikis with some college kids from another country who want to be teachers!

Informational piece # 3:
A Kansas State University Professor, Bill Genereux, was looking for extensions for his daughter, to make some connections on the web. I offered to let her join our wiki, so please encourage your child to welcome Emily G to our work. She'll be joining into some of our projects from Kansas!

Informational piece # 4: I did some cleaning up on the navigation bar, so if you find broken links, please let me know.

Informational piece # 5:
Please visit your child's wiki with them to make sure what is there is worthy of posting to the web. Part of this process is to help students recognize quality work and strive to make theirs better. Thanks!

This week we'll be having our common quarterly assessment (Wednesday and Thursday) and then revamping math groups for the third nine weeks